Archerfield Walled Garden

Today my parents took Gabriella, Ava and myself for a surprise day out since the weather was sunny. We drove for just under an hour, through the scenic Scottish Borders countryside and arrived at Archerfield Walled Garden.


When we arrived at the gardens, the sun was shining so we all popped on some sunscreen ready for the day ahead. Admission into the gardens was free. I had never been to Archerfield, so I was just as excited as the girls were. We began by exploring the gardens which were incredibly beautiful, and the girls loved the willow tunnels. Their favourite part was the wildlife area where they were hunting for bugs.


Before we headed to the fairy trail, we popped into the shop and grabbed a drink and a bite to eat to take with us on the trail. I was impressed with the variety of snacks that they had, especially children’s and healthy snacks. We also got the girls some ribbon and fairy dust for them to take in the walk for £1 each. The trail was the perfect length for the girls to be able to manage to walk and they enjoyed going through the individual children’s doors.


The walk was full of special little touches that made the magic of the fairy garden come alive, and the girls were so engaged the whole time. The trail took us through the woods where we found lots of fairy houses and each had a story about the fairy they lived in the house. At the end of the trail, we tied our ribbons to the fairy tree and sprinkled our fairy dust. Gabriella and Ava were both excited about this and loved looking at all of the other ribbons on the tree.


Gabriella then asked to go to a park, luckily Archerfield had a park, so we headed back headed back through the shop to the park where the girls let off their last bit of energy before we headed inside for lunch. When I took Gabriella to the bathroom, she even commented on how lovely they smelled. The menu was amazing, and they had such a good variety of food and also had some vegan options too. I went for the roasted sweet potato salad with a side of chips to share, which was so yummy and the girls each chose sausages which must have been good because they ate most of it. I was impressed that the girls both got children’s cutlery and cups and their food was brought out at a children’s temperature, which if you are a parent, you will know that it makes a huge difference.


Mum and dad had a coffee while I took the girls back outside to play before we headed to the shop to get some bits our fairy garden. The girls chose a fairy each, a little fairy pond, a mushroom and a bird bath with to put into the fairy garden at home. It was great that they sold the bits that were in the fairy trail so that could bring some of the magic home.

Overall we had an absolutely fantastic day at Archerfield Walled Garden, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that was looking for a nice family day out.




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